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Artist Bio

Nikita Rosalind was born in St.Croix, Virgin Islands. Then moved to and grew up in beautiful Gulfport, Florida. She attended Pinellas County Center for the Arts through highschool, graduating with honors in Visual Arts. 

Nikita has an art studio in the Downtown Gulfport area, shared with her sister. N Art Studio opened in March of 2022 and has hosted several opening.

"I paint energy, the colorful 'waves' in my paintings represent how everything we see, touch, and even are, is vibrating clusters of energy."

Nikita's works are bright colorful expressions of individuality, striking yet vulnerable beauty. Empowering the Devine feminine in strength, softness, and sensuality. She creates her work freely and intuitively, letting the process be her guide and following it to what it is intended to be.

Art has been a true love and passion of Nikitas, she hopes her work can connect to the soul of her viewers.  


Nikita dropped her first hand painted art apparel pieces in 2020. Her designs more resemble wearable paintings, the individualism in each piece is created for the beautiful uniqueness of its wearer. NR Art Apparel is created using fabric paints and is washable but meant to be worn and enjoyed. WEAR ART. BE HAPPY.

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