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🔹If you are just as obsessed with my clothing as I am creating it, I wanted to share a bit about my brand!

🔹Created the very first 'Wavy' T-shirts in 2020. I gained a little bit of traction when I began making videos on TikTok of mw making a few different tees. I continued to let the idea grow and expand into what it is now! 

🔹A question I get asked SOOO often is what kind of paint I use. I only use fabric paint to hand paint all the designs, and you CAN wash your clothes ;) Proper washing guidelines come with every shirt and when followed and worn with care they last well.

🔹My brand is for those babes that are one of a kind and like something a little different, they are bold, and plain ol sexy 👄

 🔹All of all my T-shirts are unisex and are not made with any specific gender in mind. I am obsessed with the oversized aesthetic, I've worn my T-shirt as a dress (with safety shorts of course) and thigh high socks and boots 👌and felt like an absolute badass.

🔹And as far as size goes, I recommend to size up, or two, so the paint on the image isn't pulled too tight that can cause cracking.

🔹Follow me on Instagram! I post sneak peaks and when I drop new apparel be the first to know! 


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