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Nikita Rosalind

Hello and Welcome! 

My name is Nikita Rosalind I would categorize myself as a painter, creator and designer of sorts. I love to dive deep into what it means to make art, to see what we can create if we leave expectations behind. My work is bold in color, embodying passion, playfulness, texture, expression, sensuality, and femininity. 

NR Art Apparel is a collection of hand painted one of a kind wearable artwork. Because I am a painter through and through I didn't want to create a mass production of my "merch."

My line began in the end of 2020 and she continues to release new exclusive pieces each week. They are all hand painted and signed using fabric textile paint and heat sealed for durability. I make each one with care and love, with hopes for the wearer to feel as one of a kind as each piece is! 

Inviting you into my weird world and creative mind, the beautiful place where ideas begin and magic is made! I wish for all those who view my work to feel inspired to be your most authentic self. To create and enjoy beauty together as one.

Thank you for supporting a small artist in their creative journey! 


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Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more!

I'd love to answer any of your questions or concerns!

I take some commissions but not all. For serious inquiries I will send my commission request form to you! 💖

Gulfport, FL, USA

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